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Famous Tuxedo Club house built to house guests visiting the Tuxedo Club which is directly across the street from this lovely home. Many of the New York 200 have been hosted here. There are views of the Tuxedo Lake through the trees and George Washington's army marched down the road in front of it and probably camped on its site.
This has access to the Wee Wah Beach (swimming) and the Village Boat Club (boating and fishing).
The main floor is graced with a living room with a large fireplace, closed sunny porch, access to the outside dining deck, a large dining room, large eat-in kitchen and full bathroom. There are 5 bedrooms on the second floor and two full bathrooms. As one of the most historic housed in Tuxedo Park and lowest priced per square foot this is truly a wonderful buy !

Also possible to rent @ $3500.00 per month starting September 15th, 2015, with brokers right to call and go show for the sale with a 45 day notice to move out.